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Live Screen-capture Waveform/Vectorscope Monitor

Single click, real-time image monitoring utility for Mac, Windows and Linux.

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How it works?

  • Select screen region
  • See professional image analysis ...It's that simple!

What it does?

Scopes grabs selected screen region (or whole screen) and analyses it's color values in RGB. You can easily spot unwanted colors, see color relationships, clipping in whites and shadows or adjust skin tone for fresh and healthy look.

Technical details:

  • Linear-gamma BT.601 vectorscope with skin-tone line
  • sRGB Waveform monitor with broadcast safe lines
  • Linear-gamma luminosity waveform monitor with 10% graticule lines
  • Adjustable sampling quality (down to 1:16 pixel sampling)
  • Adjustable brightness of each monitor (up to x32'000)
  • Custom user-defined color indicators (unlimited number)
  • Re-adjustable region of interest
  • Multiplatform JAR file included (Java SE17 required) for all OS options

OS info:

  • Mac (x64, arm64), requires screen capture and execution permissions
  • Windows 10/11 (x64)
  • Linux Pop!_OS (x64)

Problem solving:

  • When I launch the app, my desktop zooms in...
    1. On Windows right-click on "Scopes 2.exe" and select "Properties".
    2. Navigate to "Compatibility" tab and click "Change high DPI settings".
    3. Check "Replace scaling" at the bottom and choose "App" from the drop-down list.
    4. Click OK and you're done!
  • I bought the app but did not get a download link...
    1. You should receive a download link to your e-mail used during the purchase.
    2. If you don't have the message, just send me a notice and I can resend the download link.
  • I downloaded the app and run the Setup, but the app is nowhere to be found...
    1. Scopes is actually a portable app and the installer just repacks the Scopes folder with the app.
    2. Go to the folder where you unpacked Scopes 2 and right-click on the "Scopes 2.exe".
    3. Click on "Send to>Desktop (shortcut)" to create a desktop shortcut for the app.

Last updated: September 12, 2023

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Scopes 2 includes:

linear gamma BT.601
RGB Waveform
raw sRGB gamma
Luma Waveform
linear gamma BT.601
User manual with examples
PDF document
Multiplatform Java version
Java SE17 required
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Download Scopes 2 App

35 ratings
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